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Our medical system saves lives but can destroy the soul in the process. Carole Imber Soloff uses poetry and short prose passages to describe what it is like to live with failed kidneys, be sequestered several times a week with a small group of fellow dialysis patients, and to hope for the miracle of a kidney transplant. As she waited, loneliness, uncertainty and little humiliations were part of her life. “And Then I Saw a Rainbow, The Journey Of A Dialysis Patient” is a deeply personal, sometimes raw, fascinating journal of her experiences. This book should be in every household in which someone suffers from kidney failure, and should be required reading for all caregivers to these patients.

Peter Rousmaniere

The clarity and honesty of these communiqués from a difficult journey bear witness to their author’s loving nature, stubborn endurance, and her gift of language. I believe dialysis patients will be heartened to see some of their experiences reflected here. For others, the book opens a window into the world of their friends’ lives. Finally, I rejoice with Carole and her generous donor Carolyn Brumfield – two ends of the same rainbow.

Peggy Gold

It has been truly wonderful to witness Carole’s complete metamorphosis and transformation from ill health to transplant success. Carole has such a strong spirit that her personal and creative energy rarely flagged even during the worst days of her journey, but to see her positively bloom and luxuriate into good health after the operation has been nothing short of inspirational. So, turn the page – take the journey.

Carolyn Bown