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After almost two years on dialysis, I finally saw a rainbow. It was the most defined rainbow I had ever seen. It arched clear across interstate 84 from north to south as I drove west from sunshine to east into hail. However at the end of my rainbow, there was no leprechaun but a Good Samaritan donor Carolyn Brumfield. It took fourteen months for Hartford Hospital to approve our transplant.

Writing was a big help to me during the period I had to endure dialysis. Dialysis is not just physically stressful but also an emotional roller coaster. I was lucky to make good friends in my unit with whom I was able to share my thoughts. It was not all grim and we had many a laugh so that we could endure the indignities of the experience. I could not have done it alone. My friends helped me survive.

“And then I Saw a Rainbow, THE JOURNEY OF A DIALYSIS PATIENT”, is a collection of my observations while on dialysis. There is a bit of everything, poetry, essays and my home grown philosophy. I hope this collection will inspire some patients to persevere in their pursuit of a kidney, help others to make the best of their situation and give those around them insight into the plight of a dialysis patient.

Be brave!




Most people walk around
Caught in their own heads

The weight of the world
On their shoulders alone

When you look beyond yourself
The world opens up
It is as though a rainbow appears.